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A pleasant breakfast can be enjoyed in the LOUNGE, in warm weather we eat

in the PAVILION.

The MEDITATION ROOM can be used for reading a book, listening to a CD

in silence, etc….

The QIGONG HALL is intended for lectures, presentation theory etc….

Here you can also discover the esoteric LIBRARY.

The SWIMMING POOL (purified with salt) can be freely used, but still with

‘silence respect’ for others.

The PAVILION is multi-purpose. There is a ‘sitting area’ in the shade next to

the swimming pool, a pleasant place for a spontaneous chat or for reading,

BBQ, an oven is provided which can also serve as a sociable heat

source - open hearth when it is chilly, etc… A long table is provided for meals. 

It is a venue where you can celebrate  ceremonies and parties such as baptisms,

soul connections, birthdays, wedding anniversaries, etc...

There is also a SUMMER KITCHEN with a view of the garden where you can

enjoy a cup of tea/coffee or soft drink with a book or in a daydream without

beïng disturbed.